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Step 1
Customer explores your website

Leverage your existing website traffic

Easy to set up advertising banners

Increase your website engagement

Step 2
Customer enters their information

Receive critical credit information

High completion rate

Automatic error handling

Step 3
Customer eID Verification

Fast & secure eID verification by Equifax

Fraud check alerts

Dealership matching by location

Step 4
Autocorp delivers lead to you

High-quality leads delivered to you

Easy to work through your leads

Designed with excellent user experience

AVA credit dealer portal

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AVA credit equifax credit score

AVA Credit

Powered by Equifax, AVA Credit provides dealers with consumer credit range, recent inquiries and auto tradeline information through soft-pull technology with no impact to the customer’s score.

AVA trade value tool

AVA Trade

AVA Trade is an interactive online tool that empowers consumers to value their current vehicles trade value in seconds. Our tool can be installed on any dealership's website or online store, is fully interactive and industry leading UI and conversion.

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