Don’t Lose Another Dollar to Fraud, Collect & Verify Driver's License Upfront Remotely... We're In a Recession, For Heaven’s Sake

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Trusted by hundreds of happy dealerships across Canada

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"We are very excited to add layer of protection to our dealership!"

Kim O'Neill

Arthur Chrysler Dodge Jeep

"It is so easy to request driver's licenses and for customers to complete that request"

Craig Bullen

Chatham Nissan

A Quick and Easy Way to Ensure Your Customers Are in Fact, REAL Customers!

Act Now To Lock in Price for
Only $199 $99 A Month
Claim Your 30-Day Free Trial
You won't be charged for 30-Days. Cancel Anytime.
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Are you sick of losing dealership time and money to fraud? Tired of having to do the timely task of manually validating a customer's ID?

Are you looking for ways to validate a customer's ID in under a minute, in real time? At, we help dealers identify a customer's identity quickly and easily, protecting them from fraud.

In the last 3 months, we’ve shown hundreds of Canadian dealers how to easily protect themselves from fraud without timely manual ID validation processes.

In the short 3 months AVA ID has been in the market, we have validated over 5,000 customer IDs!

Follow Our Basic AVA ID Blueprint and Avoid Being a Victim of Fraud!

Working with customers to validate their identity during the car-buying journey can be much easier than you think.

Many dealers manually validate customer IDs, wasting time and leaving room for human error. With AVA ID, we use AI and OCR technologies to spot fake IDs.

The best part about it? A customer can complete the ID validation all through their phone in under a minute!

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is click one button or set it to autopilot, sit back and see how Driver's License flies-in!

Every Year, Canadian Dealerships Lose Over $1 BILLION to Automotive Fraud

Sadly, 99.9% of Canadian dealerships will be a victim of fraud in 2023. It’s not their fault, they just don't have the correct tools to be able to protect themselves. It doesn’t have to be this way for you though.

We can show you exactly what we did to help hundreds of Canadian dealers protect themselves from fraudsters.

Reserve your 30-day free trial today to see how you can protect your dealership, and do it faster than you ever thought was possible.

Act Now To Lock in Price for
Only $199 $99 A Month
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During your first 30-days you will receive training from our performance managers to guarantee that you get the best results from AVA ID:

• How to use AVA ID to stop fraudsters from ripping off your dealership
• The exact process we’ve used to take hundreds of dealerships from manual ID validation to digital ID verification
• How AVA ID integrates with the AVA portal

Let’s make the automotive industry paperless.

For every 100 Digital Driver's License scanned, Autocorp will plant 3 trees on behalf of your dealership part of our partnership with One Tree Planted 🌲

We’re committed to building a sustainable future through eliminating wasted and unnecessary  paper use in dealerships

Frequently Asked Questions

Act Now To Lock in Price for
Only $199 $99 A Month
Claim Your 30-Day Free Trial
You won't be charged for 30-Days. Cancel Anytime.
Offer Expires In:  
Will my data be private and safe?

As part of our agreement with Equifax, you can trust that your data and your customers data will be kept private and safe. It is integral to us that we keep data safe and confidential. As such, we have many legal and safety measures in place to protect partner and customer data.

Where can I learn more about Autocorp’s security?

You can learn more about our security by visiting our terms and conditions found here, or by emailing us your specific questions here!

If you are curious about how we are protecting our partners from fraudulent activity, check out our AVA ID page!

Are your products available in French?

At this time, our products are not available in French… yet! We have great plans to release our products and support services in French within the next year! If you have any questions, we do have French speaking staff available to assist you!

Where can I find information about new features?

New features and product announcements are available by subscribing to our mailing list, here! We also like to host webinars, post on our social channels and our blog!

For current partners, you can trust that your Performance Manager will keep you up to date with our latest training and product features.

If I subscribe to multiple tools can I get a discount?

We are pleased to offer affordable solutions for our partners, which include group discounts and subscription packages geared toward your dealership needs.

Do you offer live chat support?

Yes we do! Reach out to us Monday-Friday between 9 am-5 pm EST and have any questions answered. Our chat is accessible to potential customers and current customers. Please ask us any questions you may have and our team would be more than happy to assist you!

What separates you from other companies with similar products?

This is an excellent question and we’re glad you asked! 

Our company is exclusively partnered with and powered by award-winning, industry-recognized companies like Equifax, Kelley Blue Book and more! We chose these key partnerships as millions of people including dealerships across North America respect and recognize the brands we work with. 

These partnerships help us provide you with information that is accurate, safe, and secure.

We pride ourselves on our data integrity, transparency and trust, as well as on providing an excellent customer experience built by dealers for dealers!

We could go on for ages about how we differ from other companies within the industry, but we would prefer to answer your specific questions to ensure you get the information you need the most- reach out to us here!

Can I integrate AVA products with third-party applications?

Currently, we are able to send your leads into your CRM or DMS via ADF. Additionally, we are able to integrate with your analytics tracking. We are always looking to improve the dealer experience, so please let us know if there is a specific third-party application you are interested in integrating with. 

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer group discounts and subscription packages geared toward your dealership needs. You can upgrade or downgrade your services as needed.

Is there a setup fee?

At this time we do not ask for a setup fee or onboarding fee. Some webmasters may request an installation fee, however, this is dependent on the webmaster that you work with.

Additionally, we do not charge for ongoing dealership training or support.

Am I locked into a contract with Autocorp for a set amount of time?

We are made for the automotive industry by people from the automotive industry. We don’t believe in locking you into lengthy contracts or complex cancellation policies. All we ask for is 60 days' notice and a call with our success team to see where we can better improve your experience in the future.

What’s the cancellation policy?

We are pleased to offer a 30-Day Cancellation Notice. Prior to cancelling your account, our success team will meet with you to review the next steps.

For current clients, if you are not satisfied with our services or ROI, please contact our Director of Client Success directly by email at as we want to ensure we are aligned with your goals and ensure you see an ROI.