The missing piece to today’s digital retail journey was credit

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The challange dealers are facing

Within today’s retail journey consumers are spending too much time in dealerships to settle on their purchase before they even know what they are qualified to buy.  This is because of a credit last approach to selling which has the first look at credit information happening in the business office after rate and payment have been negotiated.

Negotiating blindly

Dealers are negotiating rates and payments, and only after seeing credit information

Wasting time

Lot of paperwork and back and forth, without knowing if the customer will be approved for credit


A high percentage of deals are lost because financing is last not the first step in the process

The Solution
AVA ™ Credit Delivers

Powered by Equifax Canada, AVA Credit is bringing no hit technology to the forefront of the Canadian auto industry, allowing online shoppers to obtain their credit score without impacting their credit. At the same time, AVA Credit will deliver eID verified leads to the dealer which will provide the consumer’s credit range, recent inquiries, and auto tradeline information.

AVA credit application on website
Andrew lemoine CEO of autocorp

Andrew Lemoine

CEO @ Autocorp

"AVA Credit is taking the hard hit out of your sales process... never before has a dealer been able to access credit information without impacting the consumer's credit score."

How It Works

With AVA Credit, dealers will be provided a web-based widget that will be embedded on the dealer website. The consumer will be invited to pull and view their free credit score without impacting their credit and the dealership will be notified in real time to view the information in the secure AVA Credit portal.

No Hit Technology

Credit information delivered through no hit technology solves the consumer pain-point of incurring a hard hit on their credit bureau.

Consumer Verification

Consumer electronic ID verification provides not only high intent customers but also additional dealer protection against identity theft.

Data Rich Information

Credit information delivered through soft-pull  technology solves the consumer pain-point of incurring a hard hit on their credit bureau.

Credit First Approach

Once the website has been put through final testing, we will transfer the website to your own Webflow account and domain and launch the website on your desired date.

Based on your internet traffic we will determine the monthly profit for your dealership

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