Imagine a world where the customers and the dealers both win.
We did, and then we built it.

… it’s about more than engagement. It’s conversion.

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Dealer Products


askAVA is a revolutionary new credit tool which not only provides credit education to the consumer but will also allow a dealer to access more credit information than ever before, early on in the sales & shopping cycle without affecting the consumer’s credit score.

askAVA will empower dealerships to take a credit first approach.

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Car Loans Canada

Car Loans Canada is a live credit marketplace where thousands of Canadians seek online pre-approvals by completing a credit application. We partner with dealers to place the live credit apps with the closest dealer partner, driving high intent qualified traffic to the store that they otherwise would not have received.

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Cost Compare

(Coming soon)

Carmoji is a new car marketplace that will allow a consumer to shop and compare up to four vehicles of their choice side-by-side to refine their search based on desired features against accurate pricing and promotion details. Carmoji’s technology will take the customer through the shopping journey creating a low funnel, high converting new car prospect for our franchise dealer partners.

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With the growing automotive trend towards negative equity trade-ins it has never been more important to understand the booking value of dealership inventory in the calculation of loan-to-value to stay with lender advance rules.  Lenders live and die by the Canadian Black Book values in making these calculations.  BookIT delivers a tool to the dealers that will analyze your deal structure against lender specific approval categories to not only automatically flag off-book sales but will also provide inventory suggestions which identify better booking vehicles.

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CLConnect brings together shoppers, dealers and lenders in today's digital landscape. Consumers get instant, real pre-qualification decisions online, boosting confidence and conversion. For dealers CLConnect becomes an innovative financing tool which, while integrated with askAVA, will deliver to our dealer partners pre-qualified lending decisions within a centralized platform. CLConnect is designed to streamline the approval process by providing targeted lending opportunities, all without impacting the consumer’s credit score.

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