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Finance, Trade, and I.D Verification

Let F stand for finance, not frustration. Autocorp equips automotive dealers with a suite of finance, trade-in and booking technologies to convert shoppers to buyers.

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AVA Credit™

AVA Credit™ is taking the hardhit out of YOUR sales process. Powered by Equifax Canada, AVA Credit™ is a digital “credit first” solution for dealers. Never before have dealers had access to verified consumer credit range, recent inquiries and auto tradeline information through soft-pull technology with no impact to the customer’s score.

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Our Products

Our wide range of products helps dealerships to run the business and be successful

Autocorp’s real-time credit products deliver high impact credit information designed to curtail your current lost-to-finance burn.  We put the right information in your hands at the right time to streamline your sales journey.

AVA Credit™

Powered by Equifax, AVA Credit™ provides dealers with consumer credit range, recent inquiries and auto tradeline information through soft-pull technology with no impact to the customer’s score.

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Powered by Black Book Canada. BookiT is the ultimate desking tool taking the guesswork out of negative equity deals. BookiT will calculate advance based on approval category to ensure booking parameters are met.

Autocorp’s trade tools engage customers, providing them with transparent information and solving the uncertainty around their trade-in.  This information is delivered to the dealer to advance buyers through the shopping process.

AVA Trade

Powered by Kelly Blue Book, AVA Trade provides the consumer trusted information on their trade-in value, while allowing the dealer to important details to advance the sales process

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TouchlessTrade gives authorized personnel from your team the ability to send customers a guaranteed trade value. After the customer provides their vehicle information which includes a customer guided photo walk-around.

Autocorp’s ID Verification products are the cutting edge in fraud prevention tools. Dealers are able to verify customer ID both online and in-person eliminating risk potential of transactions.


VerifyiT is the ultimate tool for in-store fraud prevention.  Not only will customer information be verified but the authenticity of the presented identification will also be verified


IDiT will give your business the extra level of security with real-time customer ID verification.  IDiT uses a range of data sources to generate multi-choice questions and answers that only the true identity would know

Our Services

Our tailored offerings are designed to deliver the traffic you are looking for.  
We’ll put the right people in your hands in real time.

Pre-owned consumer applications
Our used car credit applications drive live high-intent applications of qualified customers in real time to our dealer partners.
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New car consumer inquiries
Our new car marketplace allows shoppers to research and compare makes, models and financing options before even stepping into your store resulting in more committed, higher converting consumers.
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Live trade-in leads
Our trade-in application delivers instant requests from active shoppers looking to start their shopping process by estimating their trade-in value.
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