Why this team?

Our leadership team is composed of a diverse group of experienced professionals, sourced across a wide range of industries including automotive, finance, technology and even culinary, who balance each other off with the diversity of each individual skill set.

Our team is driven by a mission to bring innovation to the automotive industry and it’s the opportunities to deliver on this goal that gets us out of bed every morning.

We are changing the way consumers & dealers access credit and view financing.  We aim to redefine the car buying journey, knowing there’s a better way forward to improve the experience for all.

Our leadership team

Meet the leadership team of Autocorp today who are impacting and driving forward the automotive industry of tomorrow.

Andrew lemoine CEO of autocorp

Andrew Lemoine


Jason groulx vp of operations autocorp

Jason Groulx


Kole Hicks CRO of autocorp

Kole Hicks


Collin Glass


Martins Brikmanis

Head of UX

Felicity Marontate

Director of Client Success