See AVA Portal 2.0 in Action.

Your AVA™ expert will quickly show you how your dealership can sell faster, smarter and safer with AVA Portal 2.0.
Learn about new features like:
• Enhanced Credit Reports
• Quick Credit Lookup
• Seamless Integrations
• Fraud Prevention & Compliance

* Payout Limit: The maximum payout available under this offer is $600 AVA™ bonus credit, applicable only when a minimum of five (5) deals are successfully funded within the same calendar month.
Funding Package Requirements:
Each funding package must correspond directly with the name provided on the AVA™ Verification application credit lead. This ensures alignment between the application and the funding received.
Application Status Update:
The status of the application must be duly updated to "Sold" in the Portal to qualify for the offer. This step is crucial for tracking and validation purposes.
Documentation Requirement: For a deal to be considered valid under this offer, a copy of the funding confirmation document from the lender, indicating the deal has been booked, is required. This document can either be emailed to the designated address or uploaded directly in the specified location within our system.
Eligible Lenders: Only funding received through RBC or Scotiabank will be eligible under this offer. Deals funded through other financial institutions will not qualify.
Offer Modification and Cancellation: We reserve the unilateral right to modify or cancel this offer at any time without prior notice. This clause allows for adjustments to the offer's terms or its complete withdrawal based on the company's discretion.