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"Combatting Automotive Fraud" is a comprehensive e-book that aims to equip readers with knowledge and strategies to protect themselves against fraud in the automotive industry.

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What You Will Discover.

✅ The book covers various types of fraud commonly seen in the automotive industry. It also discusses the impact of technology on fraud and ways to prevent fraud through technology.

✅ The e-book presents case studies and statistics that illustrate the prevalence of fraud in the automotive industry and its impact on Canadian dealerships. In addition, the e-book discusses the role of dealers in preventing and combating automotive fraud. It emphasizes the importance of awareness, education, technology and collaboration among your dealership staff to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

✅ The e-book concludes with a comprehensive guide that can help readers stay informed, vigilant, and proactive in preventing fraud in the automotive industry. Overall, "Combatting Automotive Fraud" is a valuable resource for any dealerships who want to protect themselves against fraud.