AVA Trade-In Tool for Acura Dealers

More Trade-Ins, Faster Sales.

Ditch the old ways and embrace the future of trade-ins with AVA Trade 2.0. Our revolutionary platform empowers dealerships with instant appraisals, lightning-fast credit checks, and the most accurate trade values in the industry.

    Revolutionize Your Trade-In Process with AVA Trade 2.0

    The all-in-one platform for instant appraisals, quick credit checks, and a seamless customer experience.


    Lightning-Fast Appraisals

    Say goodbye to the waiting game! AVA Trade 2.0 leverages Canadian Black Book data to generate accurate trade-in values in seconds, eliminating guesswork and boosting customer confidence.


    Instant Equifax Credit Checks

    Empower your team to close deals faster with real-time credit information. Offer personalized financing options based on each customer's unique profile, creating a smooth and efficient experience.


    Seamless Customer Experience

    Guide your customers through a simple, intuitive trade-in process that is both transparent and enjoyable. Build trust and loyalty by delivering a seamless experience from start to finish.

    Take AVA Trade 2.0 for a test drive

    In just 30 minutes your AVA expert will show you how AVA Trade 2.0 can:

    🚘 Use Canadian Black Book data to fuel lightning-fast, accurate trade-in appraisals.
    🔮 Provide instant Equifax predictive credit scores empowering you to offer tailored financing and finalize sales on the spot.
    😀 Create a seamless trade-in process that leaves customers smiling and coming back for more.