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Car Dealership Fraud Prevention: 12 Ways to Protect Against Identity Theft

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Alex Vorobiev
 Car Dealership Fraud Prevention: 12 Ways to Protect Against Identity Theft

Car dealerships, with their valuable inventory and customer financial information, are attractive targets for criminals who specialize in identity theft. From falsified loan applications to disappearing vehicles, dealerships often discover they've been defrauded long after the deal is done. Let's explore ways to prevent this.

1. Strengthen Your ID Verification Process

  • Two Forms of Valid ID: Require a government-issued photo ID (like a driver's license or passport) and secondary proof of address (such as a utility bill or bank statement).
  • Scrutinize IDs: Train staff on how to carefully examine IDs for signs of tampering. ID checking guides and tools can be found on government websites like the Department of Homeland Security:
  • Address Verification Services: Consider using services like Melissa Address Verification: [invalid URL removed] to match the customer's address with their ID.

2.  Embrace Technology

  • Identity Verification Software: Invest in software like IDology: or Acuant: to automate and strengthen your verification processes.
  • Facial Recognition: While privacy concerns must be carefully considered, secure facial recognition solutions can be an added layer of verification.
  • Credit Report Scrutiny: With the customer's consent, use reputable services like Experian: or Equifax: to review their credit report, verifying income and employment consistent with the loan application.

3.  Scrutinize Loan Applications Closely

  • Synthetic Identity Fraud Red Flags: Beware of inconsistencies on applications, misspellings, or slight address variations. Learn about synthetic ID fraud from the Federal Trade Commission: [invalid URL removed].
  • Verify Employment and Income: Contact employers directly. Don't solely rely on self-reported income on applications.
  • Caution with Third-Party Financing: Be aware of risks, verify the legitimacy of the company, and understand their verification procedures.

4.  Be Cautious with Out-of-State or Distant Buyers

  • Local Buyers are Best: If possible, prioritize local buyers who are easily accessible for in-person verification.
  • Extra Verification for Remote Buyers: Implement video conferencing, additional ID checks, and stricter scrutiny of applications for out-of-state or long-distance buyers.
  • Avoid Sight-Unseen Offers: Offers to buy a vehicle sight-unseen, especially at above-market prices, should raise alarms.

5.  Maintain Detailed Customer Records

  • Document Thoroughly: Securely store copies of IDs, loan applications, and all customer communication.
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting System: Train staff to recognize suspicious behavior and have a clear reporting system in place.
  • Cooperate with Law Enforcement: Report any suspected identity theft to authorities and assist any investigations fully.

6.  Invest in Employee Training

  • Identity Theft Awareness: Educate staff on common identity theft scams and red flags to look out for.
  • Verification Procedure Training: Ensure thorough training on your dealership's specific procedures and use of any identity verification technology.
  • Emphasize Reporting: Stress the importance of escalating suspicious activity to designated supervisors.

Stay Vigilant

Identity theft schemes are constantly evolving. Commit to robust procedures, ongoing staff training, and staying informed on the latest fraud tactics to protect your dealership from costly losses. Book a demo with us on AVA ID today and safeguard your dealership from fraudsters!

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