Predictice Credit Score

Bring the Power of Instant Credit Scoring to Every Lead.

Imagine instantly knowing which leads are worth your time. Predictive Credit Score delivers accurate, Equifax powered credit score estimates based on geographical data.

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Tired of ChasingUnqualified ds?

Imagine instantly knowing which leads are worth your time. Predictive credit score delivers instant credit score estimates right when you need them, allowing you to:


Focus on High-Potential Leads

Predictive Credit Score uses Equifax's geographic data to identify leads more likely to secure financing. Say goodbye to wasted efforts on unqualified prospects.


Streamline Your Sales Process

Integrated credit scoring helps you prioritize leads with a high likelihood of closing, reducing sales cycle times and boosting your team's efficiency.


Maximize Profitability

Early identification of creditworthy customers means higher conversion rates and tailored financing offers, leading to better deals and happier customers.


Enhance Customer Experience

Personalized financing solutions matched to customer profiles create a smoother, more satisfying buying process, boosting your dealership’s reputation.

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Free Trial Period: Explore AutoScore's functionalities for 30 days at absolutely no cost.

Subscription Commencement: After the trial period, your subscription will automatically stop.

Lead Generation Charge: Following the initial 30 days, a reduced $1.99 charge will apply for each lead generated through Predictive Credit Score.

Cancellation Flexibility: You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time, prior to the start of a new billing cycle, to avoid additional charges. Please note, no refunds will be issued for partial months post-trial cancellation.

Modifications and Termination: We reserve the right to modify or terminate AutoScore, adjust pricing, or amend terms and conditions, providing reasonable notice to you.Additionally, in our commitment to enhancing user experience, we may reach out for feedback through surveys, emails, or user interviews.

To proceed with the trial, ensure approval from an Administrator or an authorized individual within your dealership.

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I’m worried about the cost.

Predictive Credit Score’s tiered subscription plans and freemium trial make it accessible for any dealership. Try it free for 30 days on your existing database, then just $199/month and $1.99 per predictive score with no activation fee – a $50 value.

How accurate can predictive scoring really be?

AutoScore is powered by Equifax, a leader in credit data and analytics. Our predictive scoring is highly accurate, helping you focus your efforts where they matter most.

We already have a system in place.

Integrating AutoScore into your existing workflow is seamless. Enhance your current system with instant, actionable insights that boost efficiency and conversions without disrupting your operations.

What happenes to my existing subscription?

Your existing subscription will not get affected. Once the 30 day trial is finished, you will be automatically enrolled into the discounted plan. You may opt-out of the subscription at any time during your 30 day trial.