11 Tips to Sell More Electric Vehicles

11 Tips to Sell More Electric Vehicles

Canadian drivers are increasingly choosing electric vehicles as a means to save money on gas and lessen their environmental effects. As a car dealer, this gives you a chance to sell more electric vehicles (EVs) and possibly turn them into one of your dealership's main sales focuses. However, it's crucial to remember that selling EVs differs from selling gasoline vehicles, particularly as the general public adjusts to the changing trends. In this article, we've put together a few suggestions on how to sell electric vehicles at your dealership.

1. Offer test drives: Allowing potential buyers to test drive an electric vehicle can help them get a feel for the car and its capabilities.

2. Educate customers on the benefits of electric vehicles: Many people may not be fully aware of the environmental and cost benefits of electric vehicles. Providing information on these benefits can help persuade buyers who are on the fence about going electric.

3. Offer financing and leasing options: Providing financing and leasing options can make it easier for buyers to afford an electric vehicle.

4. Provide information on charging infrastructure: Many potential buyers may be concerned about the availability of charging stations. Providing information on the charging infrastructure in their area can help reduce these concerns.

5. Build awareness via paid ads and social media: Using social media and paid ads is an effective way to build awareness of electric vehicles at your dealership. You can make posts educating the public about EVs, show off your EV inventory, and more, to raise awareness. 

6. Highlight any government incentives: Some provinces offer incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, such as tax credits or rebates. Highlighting these incentives can make the purchase of an electric vehicle more attractive to potential buyers.

7. Educate your staff on electric vehicles: If you’re selling electric vehicles it’s critical that your team is knowledgeable about them. Ensure each team member can answer questions on different types of EVs, charging times, trends in EVs and more. For first-time electric car buyers, working with a salesperson who seems like an expert can make the car buying process much less stressful. 

8. Offer trade-in options for gas-powered vehicles: Allowing customers to trade in their gas-powered vehicles can make the switch to an electric vehicle more financially feasible.

9. Provide maintenance and repair information: Providing information on the maintenance and repair needs of electric vehicles can help alleviate any concerns potential buyers may have about the long-term costs of ownership.

10. Highlight the latest technology: Electric vehicles often feature the latest technology, such as advanced safety features and infotainment systems. Emphasizing these features can help make the electric vehicle more appealing to tech-savvy buyers.

11. Offer a variety of electric vehicle models: Providing a selection of electric vehicle models can help ensure that there is an option for every potential buyer.

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