4 Traffic Hacks to Get More Customers on Your Website

4 Traffic Hacks to Get More Customers on Your Website

Finding the right strategy to drive traffic to your dealer website can be challenging. You'll be well on your way to generating more leads if you can persuade visitors to your website who aren't even looking for a car but are merely attempting to find out more information on the car-buying process. In this article, we'll lay out some helpful information to boost traffic to your dealership’s website.

1. Invest in Tools

The best thing you can do not only to increase traffic to your website but also increase customer engagement is to have tools on your website that are useful to your customers. Giving your customers tools to make the car buying process easier is a surefire way to increase traffic and engagement. A great example of a valuable tool for your website is AVA Credit. AVA Credit allows your customers to get a free Equifax credit score without impacting their credit. Most customers take the route of financing when buying a car but so many hate discussing credit. If you can offer them a free, painless way to introduce credit you’ll not only end up with an engaged customer but that customer will also become a hot lead for your dealership. 

2. Have an Intuitive, Well Responding Website 

The quickest way to lose customers is to have a slow and confusing website. Your website needs to be simple to navigate with no broken links or dead ends. On top of this, your website needs to run fast, if you have 3-5 second loading times for each new page, you’re going to see a major drop-off. Another thing to ensure is that your site isn't only optimized for desktops because more than 50% of search queries now come from mobile devices. To test your website speed on both desktop and mobile, you can use Google’s free page speed tool.

3. Use the Power of Video

Many car dealerships disregard the importance of using video. If you aren't focusing on the over 2 billion viewers of YouTube alone, you can be losing out on a lot of prospective clients. Giving walkthroughs of the cars on your lot and discussing the distinctive attributes of each automobile are wonderful ways to get started with video. Additionally, you may record a test drive for each car to demonstrate how it drives and highlight its features. People will be more drawn to your dealership because you are offering a service by presenting useful information like this. You can also create a TikTok account for your dealership and publish your videos there instead of going to the trouble of creating a more lengthy YouTube or Facebook video. You may reach audiences of all ages and demographics because TikTok is one of the fasting growing social media applications. You can increase traffic to your dealership by employing these short videos, knowing when to upload them, and using popular hashtags.

4. Use Both Evergreen and Current Content

If you're not familiar with the term "evergreen content," it simply refers to the process of producing material that will always be relevant rather than only concentrating on current news stories/trends. Ensure that you find a balance between the two. For a dealership in particular, you should not only concentrate on posting information that is always useful, such as how to change a tire or check your oil levels, but also generate material that discusses what the auto market will/could look like in a few months. It's critical to stay current on developments in your field so you can inform customers. Providing helpful content will always increase website visitors.

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