5 Sales Manager Strategies to Get Your Team Organized

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Andrew Lemoine
5 Sales Manager Strategies to Get Your Team Organized

Organization is a key component of running a successful dealership. Even the most skilled salespeople risk losing deals because of disorganization. For sales managers, trying to keep your sales team organized can be an extremely difficult task. In order for sales managers to successfully organize their team and processes, they’re going to need to develop strategies. The problem is that it’s unlikely that everyone will enjoy using these strategies. In this article, we’re going to talk about 5 strategies that will help you organize your sales team. 

5 Strategies to Organize Your Sales Team

1. Use Technology

Using a CRM tool is one of the best ways to keep your customer database organized. It allows you to easily access contact information, notes, important credit information and more. Having this information so easily accessible gives you a huge advantage when selling. If you can get you’re entire sales team to work out of the CRM, you’ll see a huge organizational shift and you’re bound to close more deals. 

2. Time Management Training

One of the main reasons sales teams are disorganized is because of their lack of time management. It’s difficult to complete multiple tasks simultaneously if you don’t have good time management skills. If you can offer your team time management training, they’ll learn to effectively schedule and prioritize their tasks on a daily basis. While these skills may eventually fade or your team may fall out of these good habits, it would be a good idea to invest in these training sessions annually. 

3. Daily Huddles

Starting each day with a morning huddle is a great way to ensure everyone on your team is on the same page. Having these morning huddles is also a great way for your team to discuss with each other the best approach to the tasks at hand. Some of your team may push back on the idea of a daily morning huddle so it’s important to ensure these huddle sessions are not just a social gathering, but a productive and focused meeting time. 

4. Find a Way to Organize Universally

The problem with getting your sales team organized is that each person most likely struggles with their own areas of disorganization. For instance, Craig may struggle to manage his time effectively whereas Jordan struggles with keeping his notes organized. To help combat this, it may be helpful to impose universal requirements. For example, you may require every salesperson to provide a daily schedule or for everyone to work out of the CRM. This not only provides more organizational structure but also helps keep your team accountable. 

5. Create Team Performance Plans

Lastly, if none of these strategies seem to work with your team, you should consider creating team performance plans. If your team isn’t meeting expectations, creating these performance plans can give you the answer as to why. It’s important to not use this as a threat or disciplinary action, but rather as a way to work together to achieve their goals. These performance plans should include a timeline and measurable goals. 

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