Ford Now Using AI to Hook Up Trailers

Post by
Andrew Lemoine
Ford Now Using AI to Hook Up Trailers

Ford trucks are now utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to connect with trailers. This feature, known as Smart Hitch, uses a camera mounted on the back of the vehicle to take pictures of the hitch and trailer, which are then analyzed by the AI to ensure proper alignment and connection.

The technology also allows for the creation of trailer profiles, which can store information such as trailer dimensions and brake controller settings. This enables the truck to automatically adjust its settings for the specific trailer being used.

Smart Hitch aims to make the hitching process faster and more accurate, reducing the likelihood of accidents or damage to either the vehicle or trailer. It also eliminates the need for manual input from the driver, simplifying the process and reducing the potential for human error.

Overall, this technology represents a significant step forward in the trucking industry, demonstrating the increasing integration of AI and other advanced technologies in vehicles.

Check out this video where Ford shows how the technology works!

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