General Motors Phasing out Apple CarPlay From Their Electric Vehicles

Post by
Andrew Lemoine
General Motors Phasing out Apple CarPlay From Their Electric Vehicles

General Motors and Google are collaborating to phase out Apple CarPlay from their electric vehicles. This move comes as part of their efforts to establish their own unique infotainment systems in their cars.

Apple CarPlay has become a popular feature in many modern vehicles, allowing drivers to connect their iPhones to their car's infotainment system and access various apps, including music streaming services, navigation, and messaging apps. However, it appears that GM and Google have decided to move away from the platform in favor of their own solutions.

While details about the new systems are still scarce, it is expected that Google and GM's systems will offer similar functionality to Apple CarPlay, with the added benefit of being fully integrated into the car's electronics.

This move is part of a broader trend among automakers to develop their own in-house infotainment systems. While Apple CarPlay and Google's Android Auto have become popular options, many car companies are looking to create their own systems that are more tailored to their specific needs.

For GM and Google, this move could help them differentiate their electric vehicles from those of competitors, as they will offer a unique user experience that cannot be found in other cars. It remains to be seen how successful their new systems will be, but it is clear that they are betting on their ability to create a compelling infotainment experience for their customers.

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