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Introducing Our Newest Partner: EDealer

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Andrew Lemoine
Introducing Our Newest Partner: EDealer

Today, we are excited to announce our newest partner, EDealer. EDealer is a name that is synonymous with innovation in the automotive industry, something that we here at Autocorp Technologies aim to do. By joining EDealer’s Certified Partner Program, our AVA Credit tool provides even more information on your eID verified customer such as credit range, inquiry history, and current auto loan information; all without affecting your customer’s credit score! 

Here at Autocorp Technologies, we continuously strive to improve the experiences of our dealer partners by providing tools that help make the car buying process easier. We understand what dealers go through every day because we’ve worked in dealerships. We also recognize that credit hard hits create unnecessary barriers for your customers and that could translate into a deal potentially falling through. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many dealerships. Which is why we’ve introduced our AVA Credit tool. AVA Credit is Canada’s first fast “no hit” credit check tool that will ultimately improve the relationship between a dealer and their customers. 

Partnering with EDealer is also a no-brainer. Over the last few years, the car buying experience has transformed and become more digitally focused. In fact, a Google study showed that in 2018, only one in every 100 cars were sold online. Fast forward to the middle of 2020 and this number had increased tenfold! To be clear, this is just cars purchased entirely online! 

Customers are also doing more research before they walk into a dealership, which is why it is absolutely necessary for any dealership to build their digital footprint. EDealer specializes in website development, advertising, and SEO to make sure that your website comes up first on Google. Our AVA Suite of software integrates seamlessly with EDealer’s products and will ultimately provide your customer with the necessary information needed to help them make the best purchase possible! 

It is so important to develop a trusting relationship with your customers, and the exciting partnership of Autocorp Technologies and EDealer will make that process so much easier!

If you would like to learn more about how our AVA Suite of products will simplify and improve your customer’s experience please click on the link below to book a call with one of our AVA Experts.

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