Nissan Recalls Nearly 800,000 Vehicles for Fire Risk

Nissan Recalls Nearly 800,000 Vehicles for Fire Risk

On Monday, January 31st, 2022, Nissan announced they will be recalling approximately 793,000 vehicles due to an increased fire risk. 

Which Vehicles Are Affected?

The automakers recall is for Nissan Rogue SUV models between 2014 and 2016. Of the total amount of vehicles recalled, 104,464 units were sold in Canada.

What is the Problem?

According to documents from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), water and salt can enter a wiring connector in the driver’s footwell, causing corrosion.  The corrosion can risk disabling the driver’s power window or power seat, leaving the vehicle’s all-wheel-drive warning light on, or even draining the vehicle’s battery. Regulators also warned that Nissan received seven reports of “thermal fires”, likely electric fires in connection to the vulnerable wiring issue. 

Is There a Fix?

Nissan announced that it is working on a solution for the issue, and expects to have one by spring. Owners will get an interim notification letter sometime in March and will be later informed when they can take their vehicles to a dealer for a fix.

What Do I Do?

Until a fix can be found, Nissan has advised owners who are experiencing any of the symptoms in their Rogues, including smelling a burning odor or seeing smoke, to park outdoors and contact Nissan Roadside Assistance to have the SUV towed to a dealer.

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